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A47™ Universal Splitter Mounting Apron

For those who need to get a splitter on their car, and don’t have a perfectly formed air dam available for their car, here’s a great solution.  It can be mounted permanently or temporarily, and is flexible to follow the lower portion of your fascias form.  All you need is a vertical surface to mount the apron to.  You can rivet, bolt, or screw the apron to your cars lower fascia, and there are existing mounts molded into the lower edge of the apron, which you can use to rivet or bolt on the splitter material of your choice.

We’ve found that an excellent solution for a strong temporary mounting need is the use of the automotive OEM push pins where you place the outer pin holder through the hole, and then the inner locking pin is pushed in and holds the two pieces firmly in place.  You can find these pins used in a variety of automotive applications, like holding removeable trunk or interior panels in place, and we’ve seen them used to hold the radiator and shroud appearance cover on the S197 Mustang.

The height is 6 inches, and there's two pieces, that attach front/center. The length of each piece is 53.5 inches, and they have molded into them, the attachment points where you bolt them together in the middle, and "L" shaped feet that you use to attach the apron to the splitter material and shape of your choice. The material is a flexible urethane and can be cut to fit for length, or to allow for a relief around some feature of your fascia.




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