A47 Racing Products  : Ram Air System with grill
A47™ Ram Air System with grill (not street legal)

Our fully functional ram air system deletes the outer headlights and replaces them with specially contoured funnels that direct cold rammed air to your stock airbox. The whole system was designed for maximum performance using race experience and on track testing. On a bone stock 06 gt our 60 to 100mph times were improved by ½ second, top end and passing power are noticeably increased.
The funnels have grills that screw onto them to give it a classic 70 mustang look. The finished product is flawless in fit and finish due to the fact that it was computer designed using ford cad files for the workable dimensions and mounting points. On this kit the driver side is the only functional side but a dual ram air system is in the works to utilize the passenger funnel and will be an add-on kit to this main system. (non-street legal).
This kit is not street legal and we don’t recommend this for street driving.
If you need good lighting for night racing we recommend put a brighter bulb in your stock driving lamps and running an extra set of driving lights for better visibility.






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