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A47™ Fox Body SLA Suspension

FORMULA1, CART, FIA GT1, NASCAR and other top level race cars don't use strut suspensions. Why? Because compared to a double a-arm set up they are vastly inferior. Strut suspensions are used on today's performance cars due to their low manufacturing cost and ease assembly. Double A arm suspensions give you superior traction due to positive and negative camber gain during suspension compression and extension in cornering maneuvers. The upper A arm provides much needed additional camber to the outside front tire during a turn, at the same time, reduces camber from the inner front tire. This keeps your tires flatter on the pavement, giving you a much larger contact patch. It is easy to point out a strut car in racing photos because often you can often see daylight underneath the front inner tire during hard cornering.

 Agent47 has developed a true racing front suspension comprising of A47 custom spindles, double arms and Penske coilover racing shocks. The kit includes the A47 upper A arm mounting bracket, A47 bump steer kit, Powergrid adjustable sway bar ends, upper coilover mounting bracket, ball joints, and all hardware. The suspension is adjustable for ride height, camber and spring rate. Installation is very, very easy and will only take you about 6 hours with no welding. Our double a-arm set up was designed by Bill Osborne with 35+ years of winning race car design and chassis development. A47 double A arm suspension holds American Iron track records at Infineon Raceway, Thunderhill, Willowsprings and Buttonwillow. More records coming soon as racers discover the benefits of the camber gain you get with a double A arm (SLA) suspension.


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