2013 West Coast AIX OUTLAW schedule:

Mar 16/17 - Sonoma Raceway
May 4/5 - Willow Springs
June 1/2  - Buttonwillow
July 6/7 - Laguna Seca
Oct 12/13  – Buttonwillow
Nov 9/10 - Sonoma Raceway


For more info on joining the AIX OUTLAW action contact corey@agentfortyseven.com



 “For the Racers, by the racers!” The Outlaw group is a bunch of California pony car racers that run in the NASA American Iron Extreme (AIX) class and abide by their own set of rules. The AIX class is a very loose class as far as rules go so this gives the Outlaws a lot of freedom. The main goal of this group is to have a good time and drive car counts up by creating rules that allow a wide variety of pony cars to compete. Outlaw is a grassroots level race group and we plan to keep it that way.

OUTLAW rules:

The rules are based on HP/weight with a starting point of 8.3:1 but like NASA ST2, there are mod factors to equalize the cars. The tire is open but is subject to a power mod factor as well.

Base weight:
to hp ratio is 8.3/1 HP max. From there according to what mods you have below, you will add that number to your weight side of the ratio. HP measurement for 2012 on will be based solely on Traqmate data acquisition We will be using Traqmate's "max hp" number from their software as a surrogate for dyno numbers. The advantage of this is that cars can be measured during a race, not after, which makes for a nice level playing field! Since many people do not have Traqmate systems, NASA will be supplying loaners for us to use. Usually Traqmate HP reading will be very similar to Dyno numbers so all you have to do is set your car to a HP level that you believe will be legal and we will install a traqmate on your first event to give you a baseline. You can then adjust weight hould be Traqmate systems available avery

Tire width:
275 base. Wider 295 tires get a +.2, 305s get a +.3, and 315s get a +.4

Tire compound:
Toyo RA1 and Nitto NT01s are base, BFG, Kumhos and Hankook C51 are +.1, Hoosier R6, Goodyear 'R's and Hankook C71 +.2, Hoosier 'A's  and Hankook C91 are +.4

Slicks will be allowed and assigned a Mod factor by the committee on a case by case basis

No ABS base, unmodified, Pre 2005 OE ABS +.2, 2005 and later OE abs and race ABS +.4

13" front rotor, 4 piston caliper is base, 14" rotors and/or 6 piston +.1

Syncromesh trans with OE 2nd 3rd 4th gear ratios are base, non stock (closer) 2,3,4 ratios and any new OE close ratio trans will be +.3, dog ring +.1

Ride height:
Nothing below 3”

Same as AI rules

Track width:
AI rules are base, extra 1’’ allowed for
295s, 1.5” for 305s and 2” allowed for 315s. Penalty comes with the tire width. Tolerance on trackwidth  is + .5”

OE double A-arm or Strut is base, aftermarket SLA +.1. AI suspension rules apply.

Example: 94 mustang weighing 3187 post race with driver running on 275 toyos. That car would start with an 8.3 base then add

+.3 for close ratio trans, +.1 for SLA and +.1 for 14" brakes. That would put it at a 8.8:1 weight to power or torque max ratio. So 3187 / 8.8 = 362 max HP/TQ

All AI rules apply with the exception of the following. No dash is required. 1970 and earlier cars may have the shock towers trimmed to match the width of the current bodies of the same name. The intention of this rule is to accommodate the installation of newer power plants in the older cars and to allow room for the associated headers, steering shafts, etc.

Age Mod Factor:
For racers over 65 years of age of 65 will get a -.3 mod factor.


All Other Rules:
Everything not covered above will be the same as the current NASA American Iron Official Rules.

Note: While we don’t want to make people feel that the rules are a moving target, It is near impossible to nail everything perfectly right out the gate. The rules will be governed by a committee made up of the racers themselves and if something is out of whack and not conducive to fair competition, changes will be made.

OUTLAW sponsorship and marketing

Agent 47 currently is the sole sponsor of the OUTLAW group but other companies are welcome to join. For the 11’ season and probably beyond Agent 47 will be sponsoring all new drivers with 200 in cash for each of their first 4 race weekends. All that is needed to be eligible is to comply with the OUTLAW rules, run the OUTLAW stickes, have a positive attitude and add to the camaraderie of the group.

Agent 47 will also produce a race video for the weekend (minimum 4 starters) which will help market the group and bring in additional cars.

Agent 47 will also be supplying a pretty sweet trophy for the winner of the season.

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