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A47™ '05 Shelby GT California Special Brake Cooling Scoops

Agent 47's newest addition to their brake cooling product line is here! Highly functional and subtly aggressive brake cooling scoops for the new Shelby GT and California Special mustangs. We have been getting several requests from Shelby and Cal Special owners who are using their cars on the track. They all say the same thing. "After a couple of laps my brakes start fading badly and then those plastic block offs look like crap." So we designed a kit specifically for these cars with those complaints in mind. The new brake cooling scoops give the front end a purposeful look and due to the new Shelby/CS lower grill area being significantly larger we were able to enlarge the scoop funnel area thus adding more air to the rotors. We also designed these parts for easy installation; it takes all of about 30 minutes to install. To get the air from the scoops to your rotors we offer a Brake Cooling Kit which is sold separately. It has everything you need including the ducting, air diverters, aluminum spindle brackets and reusable heavy duty zip ties..



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