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AIX OUTLAW: “For the Racers, by the racers!” The Outlaw group is a bunch of California pony car racers that run in the NASA American Iron Extreme (AIX) class and abide by their own set of rules. The AIX class is a very loose class as far as rules go so this gives the Outlaws a lot of freedom. The main goal of this group is to have a good time and drive car counts up by creating rules that allow a wide variety of pony cars to compete. Outlaw is a grassroots level race group and we plan to keep it that way.
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American Iron™ is a race series that calls to mind the legendary battles of the 1960's when champions competed against each other to win stoplight and drive-in bragging rights for their brand of choice


Willow Springs Raceway, July 8-9, 2006
The fifth round of the American Iron West region was held in blazing heat which challenged both pilots and machines at Willow Springs Raceway this July 8-9. The days were scorching by 9am and temperatures in the day got as high as 107 degrees. In the dry high desert, the weekend was set up for some hot racing read more

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